D and D Mailing Services are proud of the work we supply - below are some testimonials from a range of our happy customers.

National Australia Bank
  We are a financially strong organisation, and since day one we have been backed by the National Australia Bank.

Through our seven years we have developed a working relationship with our business manager who has the utmost confidence in our ability to deliver what we promise.

Our contact at the bank is, Mr Philip Gillingham, who can be contacted on (03) 9767.9761.

Australia Post
  To ensure that D&Dís clients receive the best possible service we have maintained an ongoing working relationship with senior staff at Australia Post as well as outstation workers on site at D&D. Together, Australia Post and D&D ensure that all mail is processed in accordance with statutory regulations and is despatched in a timely and cost effective manner. Contact David Power (03) 9299 4666.


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